How do you build a cheap portable sound booth?

portable sound booth
portable sound booth

Perfectly sound booth

portable sound booth
portable sound booth

Your link (now merged out of existence) shows how to build a perfectly decent portable sound booth for recording “dry” sound without external sounds making much of an impact on the recording, but is NOT specifically designed to keep your neighbors from hearing you play, as the original OP of the merged question requested. Admittedly it’d help in that regard, but the purpose of the linked design is to control the acoustics of the recording, not cut you off acoustically from the neighbors, especially in the bass frequencies. You’d need a larger thicker set of walls, like concrete blocks, if you seriously wanted to keep the sound from your neighbors. Doubling up the drywall, especially if you can isolate it from the studs connecting to the neighbor’s place, can help, and sealing all the connecting electrical outlet boxes and light switches also reduce sound-conducting paths through a wall. Weather-stripping any doors or windows can also help, and making sure doors are solid core, not hollow, can keep a lot of sound from escaping. I’d still suggest using headphones where possible as the easiest solution for neighbor issues, especially if they’re actively annoyed by hearing you play.

ATS Wedge Foam Acoustic Panels (Charcoal)

and if money allows, get corner traps for the corners of the booth.

Quiet Batt 30 Soundproofing Insulation

The cheapest, however, would be to get cheap or free clean mattresses, especially futon mattresses and use them as walls.

I have built many sound booths without spending a dime. You won’t get 100 percent studio quality but you’ll be a lot better off than 99 percent of the bedroom recordings out there.

Carpeting is your friend.The whole idea is to deaden the echo in a portable sound booth.

Smaller rooms are easier because of less surface area to cover and remember, you can never have too much baffling material.

Note: don’t use mattresses unless they are made only of memory foam.

portable sound booth 2
portable sound booth 2

This means getting your recording device out of the room and running the wires in. You should avoid windows, airplanes, traffic noise, people, animals, fans, TVs, refrigerators, fluorescent lights, radiators and anything else you can think of that will make any noise at all.

Good luck and post pictures/audio clips when you’re finished!

two old mattresses forming a right angle works really well, but of course is very cumbersome. the other option is hanging a few packing blankets. if all you need is a very simple vocal booth, 1 or two will likely suffice. if you need to treat a whole room you will likely need more, but at that point, you might be better off building your own acoustic treatment with roxul safe n sound, some 1×2 lumber, and canvas.

Are you an employee who is in need of professional translation services? Well, in that case, a translator sound booth is the best thing that can come handy. A sound booth is an acoustically engineered enclosure in which all kinds of sounds, internal or external, can be regulated. It also eliminates internal echoing. A translation booth is a similar space that eliminates the noise and provides the apt translation of what is being said. They offer fast and efficient translation for voice over applications or interpretation. These portable solutions are extensively used for professional and commercial use.

The professional translator

The professional translator
The professional translator

equipment can generally accommodate a couple of people sitting at a table. In some booths, you may not find height extenders with a total headroom of five feet and a half. There Although some booths have a smaller footprint, they can dramatically enhance the sound of the recorded vocals in an environment that might be otherwise noisy. Most of the panels have room for the cables to pass through beneath the bottom section that is finished with acrylic or Plexiglas.

The booths isolate the individual or the speaker and capture the sound instead of letting them escape. Those who are on a budget will find these particular translation booths handy for their purpose. You may even build your own high-quality vocal booth with the help of acrylic lids and panels for sound isolation. This helps in easily isolating the translators and vocalists so that they can focus on the situation or work before them. A translator sound booth gives you the perfect ambiance to carry out your translation duties to the best.

The sound isolation vocal booths help you think clearly while performing tasks related to sensitive translation or interpretation for governments, social services, and schools. These freestanding and portable sound booth help create a noise reduction perimeter around the translator or vocalist so that they can concentrate on the translation or lyrics without getting distracted by other instruments or any other sounds in the room. The translator sound booths are available in different configurations of an instrument and vocal setup. They can give you the right ambiance for recording clear voiceovers. With these translation booths, you can focus on your important lines without any distortion.


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