Bose portable sound system Touch 10 or Bose Sound Link Mini 2, Which is the best?


Bose portable sound

Bose portable
Bose portable

It will depend on your ears or on the way you perceive sound. But like all other Bose products, it has no Highs and no Lows, especially when compared with JBL.

The video should be self-explanatory. JBL has a very wide “sound” with nice treble (for the product) and a questionable Bass response but it has the presence and is even enjoyable, Bose portable sound system is very poor in comparison.

What sounds good to others may not be what sounds good to you.

You should not buy these things online without listening to yourself. Go on, help the local market. Stop at your nearby audio dealer and listen.

My take is that the Bose SoundLink Mini 3 really raises the bar in the high-end “mini” Bluetooth speaker area, if not at least in sound quality then in build quality.

At 50% volume, the sound link 3 is as loud if not louder than the mini at max volume. So it will give you around 14 hours at the equivalent mini-volume.

—-Technical Information—-

➛ AC power supply rating
– Input: 100 – 240V  , 50/60 Hz, 600 mA
– Output: 17 VDC, 1A Max

➛ Input power rating: Input: 17 – 20 VDC, 1A Max

SoundLink 3 has an old-timer classic look. The silver part of the box is painted sprayed mesh. the black parts around have a fine texture on it. The top is soft rubber.

touch. I personally like it better than the jawbone box or UE style, which is way too future-ish young-kids looking. SoundLink 3 is also pretty heavy. All in all, very solid

Also heavy for its size.

The main complaint I have about UE boom box and Jawbone is they do have better high SoundLink 3 has the good base, too. also, it can maintain a clear layer of sound with that base. the base is not as heavy flavored as the mini. At low volume, I think mini has a more noticeable base. At high volume, sounding 3 starts to catch up.

Bose portable sound system is the Apple of Bluetooth speakers. Their designs offer a minimalist, yet refined quality and their latest edition continue this trend just in a different form factor. The craftsmanship is stellar with its wraparound metal grill, nearly matching the Soundlink Mini and exceeding the Soundlink II which has painted plastic for its sides and edges. Despite the different form factor, the size of the Soundlink III is nearly the same as the Soundlink II, which is small enough to be an easy travel companion. Sure the Soundlink Mini is smaller, but really not so much where it makes notable difference when taking on the go. The most obvious omission from the first 2 generations of the speaker is the folding grill cover.

let us compare them firstly

Bose sound link 3:-

1.for smartphones and other portable devices with built-in Bluetooth®

2.rechargeable battery lasts up to 14 hours

3.wraparound metal grille for durability

JBL Xtreme:-

1.built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 15 hours

2.built-in microphone with echo reduction and noise-cancellation for wireless speakerphone operation

  1. 2 USB ports to recharge smartphones and tablets

JBL Xtreme is weather resistant whereas Bose sound link 3 is not

I would definitely vote for JBL Xtreme !!

This is an Invincible beast when it comes to the battle of Bluetooth speakers !!

Its a perfect package for all your needs!

Here goes the long list of features: –

1) Built-in Speakerphone.

2) 2 dedicated powerful subwoofers.

3) Fully Splash proof can be used in rain or under the tap.

4) JBL connect feature- Ability to pair multiple speakers with the same device to have combined larger audio output.

5) Provision for future firmware updates.

6) Powerful 10,000 mAh battery which also works as a power bank for your mobile devices.

7) Good quality strap provided in the box which can be used to hang the speaker around shoulders.

8) 5 LED battery indicator, battery backup of around 10Hours on a full charge.


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